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Why Car-Free?

Why Car-Free?

There are so many benefits to taking more car-free trips that we only have time to scratch the surface on how great it can be.

Improve Health & Wellness
Choosing to walk, bike or ride public transit, instead of driving, can reduce stress and improve mental health.

Save Time & Money
A household can save nearly $10,000 by taking alternative transit and living with one less car.

See It In Action!
Join us on October 31st from 12-5pm for Halloween on Central where we will be making Central Avenue car-free in the EDGE & Grand Central Districts! Click here for more information.

Together We Can

Build a Sustainable Future
Transportation has become the number one source of carbon pollution in the U.S. Emissions from cars and trucks contribute to elevated levels of greenhouse gases that can affect our climate and harm our planet. Research shows that choosing a car-free lifestyle is the most impactful action we can take to combat climate change as an individual.

Benefit the Community
Studies show that walkers and bike riders spend more time shopping at local businesses.

Businesses are also looking for reliable transit options to attract and retain employees.

Neighborhoods with public transportation have increased property value.

More choice riders using public transit can lead to improvements that will benefit all riders.

Together We Can

Our Committee

Say hello to our very first Car-Free St. Pete Committee! As part of the Car-Free St. Pete Committee, our members:

  • Attend monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at 8am with transportation leaders
  • Assist with the planning of Car-Free St. Pete events and initiatives
  • Get first access to Car-Free St. Pete swag

Together, we plan to work towards our mission & vision:

Mission: To inspire the St. Pete community and its leaders through education, events, advocacy and planning to make thoughtful, equitable transportation choices to reduce the impact of driving alone and enable more fully car-free lifestyles resulting in better sense of place, healthier individuals, safer streets, a cleaner environment and a stronger economy.

Vision: Fewer car trips due to more viable alternative transportation options as well as improved streets and open spaces to enhance the experience of residents and visitors that choose to walk, bike, use transit, and safe forms of micro-mobility.

Let’s meet our 2021 Car-Free St. Pete Committee Members!

Aron Bryce is a Community Activist studying Public Policy at St. Petersburg College. He is heavily involved in a variety of community service and civic engagement organizations, and joined Car-Free St. Pete to advance transportation and sustainability policy.

Johnny V. Boykins, M.A., N.P., CHSS, is active in local politics & education when he is not being the Director of Operations in Florida for PalAmerican Security. He joined the Car-Free St. Pete Committee because he believes that by creating a more car-free community, we can drastically improve impacts of climate change.

Michael Huston, AIA, LEED-AP, is an urban designer and architect for Civic Plan Studio on Central Avenue and writer for his blog The Empirical City. He joined the Car-Free St. Pete Committee because he is a passionate advocate for alternative transportation and human-centric urban planning.

Donna O’Quinn is a local who spends her time volunteering at the Museum of Fine Arts and in February, Localtopia, when she is not busy doing software support from home. She joined the Car-Free St. Pete committee because she wanted to learn more about car-free options (as a visually impaired person), be a voice for potential expansion in St Pete, and engage the community in education.

Bryan Casañas-Scarsella is the Legislative Aide to District 6 Council Member Gina Driscoll for the City of St. Petersburg as well as the President of St. Pete Heights Neighborhood Association. He joined the Car-Free St. Pete Committee because he thinks he has valuable insight that will help us to push the envelope when it comes to transit.

William Kilgore is the organizer of the St. Petersburg Tenants Union, a group dedicated to standing against gentrification, skyrocketing rent prices and negligent landlords here in St. Pete, FL. As someone who hasn’t owned a car in over a decade, William joined the Car-Free St. Pete Committee to share his perspective on the issue of alternative transportation as someone who deals with it firsthand here in St. Pete to ensure better options for low income earners who don’t own cars.

Saumitra Chandratreya is a local visual artist who works and volunteers at the Second Saturday Art Walk and was a part of the inaugural World Café St. Petersburg Community. He joined the Car-Free St. Pete Committee because as an urban dweller and a resident of St. Pete, he can be of help through volunteer opportunities and engage with the transportation agencies for the city and the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. He wants to engage the art community with the efforts of Car Free St. Pete and create more awareness about going car free for art events in the city. He looks forward to voicing his concerns and analyzing solutions for the sustainable growth of the city.

Megan Basnett is the Vice President of the Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) in St. Pete, as well as a member of the Complete Streets Committee and CONA Multi-modal Transportation Committee. She joined the Car-Free St. Pete Committee because after living in Northampton, England; Portland, OR and Washington, DC, she experienced the car-free lifestyle and wants to bring awareness to our communities car-centric habits as well as highlight an understanding that car-free options benefit people who choose a private car lifestyle, as well.

Jeff Schorr is the owner of Craftsman House Gallery and Truffula Eco Boutique. Truffula features earth-friendly products including sustainable clothing, vegan footwear and accessories, backpacks, upcycled jewelry, and more! He joined the Car-Free St. Pete Committee because he personally gave up his car over 6 years ago and would like to see more people use alternate means of transportation to reduce stress on the environment as well as create more friendly and less crowded streets.

How to Get Around Car-Free

Car-Free & Loving It!

Watch how people in our community are choosing to go car-free.

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    SHINE® St. Petersburg Mural Festival

    Oct. 15 – Oct. 24

    SHINE Festival Bike Tours
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    Oct. 16 – Oct. 23

    Cross Bay Ferry Returns
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    Oct. 21 – May. 31

    Halloween on Central
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    Oct. 31 – Oct. 31

    Gulf Coast Safe Streets Summit
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    Nov. 2 – Nov. 4

    Saturday Morning Shoppe
    Saturday Morning Shoppe

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